Cuisintel: Taste Intelligence Platform

Made by Kohzy Koh


What could happen if our itemized personal transaction data became openly accessible?

For Urban Fictions, we were challenged to think about the implications of our personal data being tracked in increasing detail. I envisioned a near-future speculative world where our financial transactions were itemized and openly available. I created a company, Cuisintel, that constructs accurate taste profiles of every individual based on personal food purchase data and food review analysis. While there are many use cases for such "taste intelligence", I specifically elaborated on the use of this data by Paytron, a fictional company specializing in restaurant management software. The taste profiles power Paytron's flagship personalized smart menus, as well as ordering interfaces for wait staff to better understand diner preferences. Finally, I describe a scenario where online grocers abuse Cuisintel's taste intelligence to conduct discriminatory pricing on their food items, overcharging individual consumers based on their food preferences.

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