Bridging the experience gap between driving and our connected world

Made by Matt Brigante

We are in our cars a lot, they are a part of our everyday routine. The same is true about our phones. But they both need our focused attention in order to use them. This is a problem that has led to almost half a million car accidents yearly, and in too many cases these accidents are fatal.

Dash allows you to keep your eyes on the road, while giving you the things you need most on your phone. Drivers have immediate access to important information in a way that reduces distraction, yet still remains glance-able. Passengers are also able to contribute to the experience by sharing seamlessly from their phones. 

Dash can also communicate outside of the car, requesting location information from your contacts. Context is intrinsic to driving, so over time Dash will learn your patterns and routines, surfacing the right information at the right time.  

09 The Graduate Show Matt Brigante presents Dash

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