Made by Margarita Yong




A therapy game for stroke survivors to take recovery into their own hands.

In the United States, more than 795,000 people suffer a stroke each year. About two-thirds of these people survive and require rehabilitation. Most survivors become paralyzed on one side of their body and lose the ability to move their hand. Continued therapy can help survivors regain voluntary movement even years following their stroke. However, most survivors do not adhere to their prescribed home exercise program. These exercises are excessively boring and because progress seems slow or hard to see, many survivors give up.

Dexter is a hand therapy game for people recovering from stroke. The app-enabled tabletop game guides participants through a series of levels to regain fine motor skills that correspond with milestones in hand therapy. The game motivates players to practice while having fun through challenges and missions. The interface allows them to see their own progress and compare it with other players.

With Dexter, stroke survivors can develop a strong sense of ownership of their recovery. The more they play the game, the more movement they gain.