Drone Obstacle Course

Made by Azucena Romá Alex Frankel Kinjal Shah

In this obstacle course, a drone needs to be piloted through a sequence of gates in minimal possible time. We use laser diodes and sensors to detect the passing of a drone through a gate, and use Processing.js to project the current progress on a screen.

The game begins with the screen displaying “1…2…3…Start.” The drone then takes off from a designated platform. Processing.js displays the current time on the screen throughout the play. There are three stages that the drone needs to finish. Completion of each stage is announced using sound as feedback on that stage, and at this point, the next stage is activated, which is emphasized using light as feedback.

The first stage involves passing through one of two gates. The larger gate is easier to cross, but the smaller gate gives the player a 5 second bonus. After this, there is an end gate, crossing which activates a buzzer. Pressing the buzzer ends the play, at which point the screen (using Processing.js) displays “Game Over.” The game also keeps track of the best finishing time, and displays that as the “Time to Beat.”

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