A grocery tracking app to reduce waste

Made by Anupma Rajani

Eatit is a grocery tracking app that helps you eat what you buy and buy what you eat.

In the U.S, around 40 percent of all edible food is wasted. Consumers cause a significant portion of that waste. The average American throws away 20 pounds of food in the trash every month. Much of it is perfectly good, unused, fresh produce, meat and dairy that is simply not being used in time. Eatit aims to reduce this waste by helping you eat what you buy and buy what you ea

Eatit tracks the groceries you have in your kitchen and nudges you to use them while they are still fresh.

It uses the language of color and size to show everything you have in your kitchen; color represents how soon you should use an ingredient and size indicates the quantity of each ingredient.

Eatit also collects recipes from your favorite food websites based on what you have in the kitchen and what needs to be used soon. Over time, Eatit helps you to learn your food behaviors so that wasting less food becomes an effortless habit. 


The only thing that you need to do to start using Eatit is “Add” the groceries you purchase. To do this, simply scan the receipt or type to enter the food and its quantity. In the case of receipt scanning, Eatit uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to match the items in the receipt to its database (fig. A). This is the first step to separate perishable food items from the receipt. It then assigns shelf-life and storage tip to each item. Eatit uses existing resources like the FoodKeeper database to get this information into its system.

Once Eatit has the information about the food, the quantity, and its shelf-life it uses its advanced algorithms to calculate the number of servings for each ingredient (fig. B). It takes into consideration the total quantity of an item and divides it by the average quantity consumed by a person in one meal. (This data is collected and fed into its database. It also looks into the consumption pattern for each item across the Eatit community and uses it to calculate the number of servings). On confirming, Eatit creates a simple visualization of everything you added to the “My Kitchen” section of the app (fig.C).

Based on the ingredients you have, it also looks for recipes from your favorite food blog and websites which it learns during the onboarding process. Every time you make a recipe from the app and slide on “I made it” button (fig. D), the app automatically updates the ingredient quantity based on the number of serving used for the particular recipe. You can also double tap on an ingredient in “My Kitchen” section to manually update the quantity.

My Activity section shows information about the servings of food you used vs. wasted for each week (fig. E). This way it tracks your usage pattern and every once in awhile celebrates your success or helps you with ways to do better. It also makes a list of ingredients that you used up or ones you couldn’t, so that next time when you go grocery shopping you can make better choices of what to buy and how much - and waste less.

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