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I often go to conferences or job fairs and exchange business cards with a lot of people. But I end up with hundreds of cards and I don’t remember whose card they are. I assume many people don’t connect me to my card, either.

That’s why I decided to design memorable business cards that stand out from the crowd. Engraved has proven to be much more effective than my previous cards. I’ve received many more callbacks and people actually remember me when I mention about my unique business card. It is also a great conversation starter when talking to new people.

The cards are very lightweight, and are a convenient size. They can fit in your wallet, card holder or wherever you wish to keep them. The wood grain pattern makes each and every card truly unique, so each person who receives one is getting a special card just for them.

The cards are produced by laser cutting and etching wood.

Now I want to bring Engraved to everyone. I hope you’re able to experience the difference a memorable business card can make for you.

Learn more or at Kickstarter.