Every Flora
An online marketplace for locally grown flowers

Made by Sunnie Sang

Inspired by the "Slow Flower" movement, Every Flora is an online marketplace that sources locally grown seasonal flowers and offers a wide array of artisanal arrangements for customers to choose from. The website provides a view of each flower's journey from field to vase. It also enables deeper interaction by allowing senders to upload a video message which can be viewed by the recipient with a code found on the flower arrangement.

The goals of Every Flora are threefold: to establish a sustainable system, to support the local flower community, and to give the users agency in the flower ordering and delivery experience. By offering an ethical and high-quality option to consumers, Every Flora will encourage more conscientious consumption of sustainable, beautiful flowers with an added dose of a more engaging experience for both givers and receivers. 

10 The Graduate Show Sunnie Sang presents Every Flora

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