Fantastic Day

Made by Yumeng Ji



A pre-dating experience that spotlights your authentic character through emoji stories.

We live in a hookup culture. These days dating is like online shopping. After investing inordinate hours on relationship-search apps, people often come home empty-handed. "Swipe culture" pushes people to make decisions instantaneously. In fact, online dating has become a highly strategic activity. It requires people to choose only the parts of themselves that will attract people within the first three seconds. It's like designing an advertisement for yourself. A strategic profile creation may help you get maximum swipes, but it also hides your uniqueness and authenticity.

Why can’t online dating be more genuine and intuitive?

Fantastic Day is a pre-dating app which uses your one-day stories to spotlight your singular character. Generating motivated connections, it crafts a resonant, mutually engrossing pre-dating experience. Fantastic Day is where lasting rapport starts.