Finding Relevant News on the Internet

Made by Prachi Pundeer

News, as we have known it, is rapidly changing. More and more people find out about current events online through Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, blogs etc. News used to be the end product of a stringent journalistic process which ensured accuracy, credibility and objectiveness. Naturally, putting out a news story in the traditional way takes much longer than tweeting or uploading a video to Youtube.  But now since anyone can become a reporter, the amount of information on any given piece of news goes out of control and finding useful chunks in this mess becomes an overwhelming task for a news reader. My cybernetic models compare traditional and modern news systems by demonstrating their intermediate goals and the methods employed to achieve them. News Siphon is a news aggregator service, which consolidates articles from all social media, sorts them for the reader and makes it easy for him to identify the source and see the evolution of a news piece over time.