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An AI powered video editor that transforms raw footage into compelling content using voice prompts.

As the content creation economy continues to grow, we’re entering a digital era where we all have the potential and encouragement to be content creators. Although we are all interested in the trend, editing software is often either too complex and professional, or too simple with pre-set templates. As AI is booming recently, there are advances in various AI tools but a lack of AI video editing tools.

Genie is an advanced video editor with an AI voice assistant powered by GPT-4 and speculative video-generating tech that allows you to transform raw content into videos using simple prompts. You can train a personalized AI and talk with it to generate video drafts tailored to your preferences. Genie has an intuitive prompt-driven timeline, which allows you easily preview and refine the video by interacting with the prompt. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Genie makes it easy to create compelling content.