Grow is wearable device that will track your movement, activity, and health and communicate directly with your Grow Facebook Account to promote, present, and allow for new, or past relationships to be born!  This product concept is targeted at the Elderly (Older Adults) in an effort to motivate mobility in the community.

Using phases of the design process (from ethnographic research, to prototyping), this product parses through concepts to create an idea that has a strong story and a partnering prototype. 

Though early assumptions were that older adults had no interest in working with technology and they were more interested in visual stimulation and feedback, a round of concepting and prototyping revealed that was not actually the case.  Through research and working with older adults, we found that they actually were interested in being involved in technology, but were easily intimidated if it was too overwhelming. 

Facebook is a great bridge for older adults to be motivated by technology, as they are accustomed to the interface and network already.  Grow would partner with Facebook to allow connectivity to past colleagues, friends, and family members.  This network would motivate, encourage, and keep everyone moving!

Grow Concept

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