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Hero is a streamlined communication tool for modern-day disasters.

During a disaster is when people are most in need of communication, but it’s also when communication is the least reliable. Also, people want to be prepared for a disaster, but the needs are unpredictable and constantly evolving. Mesh networks hold promise as a resilient technology, but people have a hard time understanding how they work.

Our question and opportunity was how might we create a simple way for people to communicate during disaster. Our team thought that a simple and reliable communication devices like a wearable watch during natural disasters would be a better tool as part of a communication system to connect each other.

Hero is a a mesh network enabled disaster communication watch which can provide value during a natural disaster. An apartment building or school invests into the Hero mesh network. An individual gets a classic first aid box with a Hero watch and other Mayo Clinic recommended first aid supplies. The simple box may be displayed on a bookcase or tucked into a drawer.

The hero watch has E-ink which is low cost and has a very long battery life. Each watch serves as a node of a mesh network. In an emergency situation, a user can open their first aid box and put on their watch. They follow a series of prompts to enter what they need. Once their needs reach a Disaster Relief central hub they get a confirmation message that help will be on the way.