ID For the People
Helping New Yorkers apply for government IDs

Made by Shelly X Ni

Legal employment, the ability to open a bank account, and access to public benefits are dependent on having government-issued ID such as social security cards and state IDs, which over 20 million Americans do not have. Applying for ID is difficult due to incomplete, inaccessible, or confusing instructions. People who need ID to get back on their feet, like ex-offenders, homeless youth, and recent immigrants, find application instructions especially difficult to use.

ID For the People shows people without government-issued identification the quickest and easiest way to get ID, with print and online guides personalized to their situations. It is currently being piloted at community organizations in Chelsea, the South Bronx, and Bed-Stuy in New York City. Guides come in low-literacy friendly formats that are accessible for people with limited resources: printed pamphlets at community organizations, an SMS hotline, and a mobile-friendly website.

ID For the People is the first initiative of For the People, which creates tools to help a broader range of Americans navigate and access government services.

OPEN IxD 2014: Empower, Shelly X Ni

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