Improving MTA EasyPay

Made by Bowen Li Shane Strassberg Kohzy Koh

Making the everyday commuter's journey more efficient through an underused MTA program.

For our Service Design final project, we addressed a very specific area in the NYC subway system - station entrances. NYC commuters optimize their routines around speed. However, sometimes they receive the dreaded "Insufficient Fare" message and must refill their metrocard at the kiosk. This results in significant delays, delays that occur almost monthly. The MTA has a solution - the EasyPay Xpress metrocard - but they have not promoted it well enough, and the service experience of obtaining and using a card is unappealing and cumbersome.

We conducted field observations, surveyed New Yorkers, and analyzed the application process. From this research, we proposed a comprehensive plan to increase awareness of the MTA’s EasyPay Xpress, present the information in a more digestible manner, and to improve the overall appeal of the plan.

Faculty: Marshall Sitten.