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Infusing The How in What We Express

A cybernetic conversation model of, me as I try to convey, to my the experience of my first snow through the medium of communication technology. And the consequent realization that current technology available is fundamentally insufficient as a medium of natural communication.

The idea is to shift the focus from ‘technology’ in communication technology to the ‘communication’ by bringing our organic behavior back into our communication. In order to do that, communication needs to change from ‘Screen to Screen’ to ‘Environment to Environment’.

This would cover two facets:
• Seeing and perceiving the conversation through your own eyes.
• Seeing and perceiving the situation through the other person’s eyes.

Experiencing the conversation like we do in the real world ‘Together and Separately’, these two modes can be chosen and swapped depending on the situation and the kind of conversation. This new medium would be able to facilitate the simulation of being together in one place when we communicate, enabling a richer and more natural conversation.