A fun way for stressed students to seek help through a mutually supportive experience.

Made by Hao Xian



Students are often overwhelmed with concerns including unemployment, homesickness, long-distance relationship problems, and assignments. Conventional school therapy traditionally treats students seeking help as individuals with significant trauma, which is not necessarily the case. Sometimes students simply want to share their stories with others experiencing worries.

InterLife provides a perfect opportunity for those stressed students: they only need to register, submit their challenges, and share their availability. Our system will match them with others experiencing similar concerns. With the oversight of a facilitator, they will be invited into our InterLife Immersive Talking Room with another student. There will be step-by-step guided interactions in the room to help the students openly share their feelings, worries, and stories.

After they leave the room, students can open the app and see the school's overall worries map and repeat the process as desired. They can even write or draw a note about the session, which will be shared with past acquaintances through email or mail.

Process Book