Jeeves & Otto

Made by Sarah Adams

Jeeves and Otto are two machines that are part of an oxygen therapy ecosystem. They support the user through friendly interaction, and are integrated into a home environment. By designing this equipment in the form of friendly characters, they appear as charming robots that can be interacted with socially as well as functionally.

There are many objects in our environment that we are expected to ignore every day. But sometimes those objects have such a presence, they can only demand our attention. Healthcare machines impose such a presence on the home, but are currently designed for function and engineering. Their inherent nature makes them undesirable to have. But what if we did acknowledge their un-welcome house-guest status? What if we designed for the presence of the machine? This project explores the idea of designing a medical device as a character fitting the home.

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The Graduate Show 2013 - Sarah Adams, "Jeeves & Otto"

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