Made by Ritwik Deshpande Kohzy Koh


As digital tools increase in number and in complexity, the reference documentation for these tools is falling far behind in readability and usability. These manuals are usually built by engineers, for engineers. However, as coding increases in popularity, a community of non-expert programmers are finding this documentation difficult and unhelpful.

We created jInquiry to reimagine documentation that can serve both technical programmers and visual-thinkers. jQuery’s documentation was the perfect target: it is difficult to navigate, and is an API that is regularly used by front-end coders.

jInquiry is jQuery documentation that allows users to test and learn API methods quickly without leaving the documentation. As users select parameters for a certain method, jInquiry dynamically demonstrates the correct syntax, and showcases the results of the method call in real-time.

Faculty: Roger Mader and Criswell Lappin.