King of Two Wheels

Made by Carrie Stiens Kristin Breivik

A map of New York City and 500 feet of yarn propelled four grad students to compete for the King of Two Wheels title.

To encourage biking for transportation in the city, as well as to explore concepts for their thesis on urban biking, Carrie Stiens and Kristin Breivik hosted the King of Two Wheels challenge in the studio space. They put four students up against each other, and asked them to manually track all of their rides during a week on a communal map with a spool of yarn. The contestants were also encouraged to explore the city, share the bike love by recruiting riders, and beg their studio mates to cheer for them. Whoever had the least amount of thread left on their spool at the end of the competition was rightfully crowned the King of Two Wheels. But even more important, in the SVA IxD studio people still talk about biking, lights, helmets, routes and the weather. Biking is part of our culture.

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