Creating an Immersive Reading Experience

Made by Bowen Li Elushika Weerakoon Paola Rangel Uijun Park

We wanted to create an app that helps high school students have a better learning experience. When students are using technology as a tool, they are in an active role rather than a passive role of recipient of information transmitted by a teacher or textbooks. We want students and teachers to use Kiwi to generate, obtain, manipulate or display information from physical textbooks. Kiwi will creatively tailor reading experiences for each student based on what that student needs.

Students can use Kiwi to collect content of their physical textbooks. All they have to do is scan a page within the app and highlight content in order to add notes, search, share and save it.

Interactive content such as videos, quizzes or augmented reality can be also visualized for students once they scan icons within their textbooks. Kiwi will encourage teachers to get an active participation between textbooks and student learning.

Features description:

  1. Highlight Content: After the user scans the textbook, they can use the marker to highlight text in the app. Then, they can like it, share, add notes or search on Wiki to improve their learning.
  2. Augmented Reality: Allows educators and students to unlock digital information on top of the physical book that can be viewed through Kiwi.
  3. Video: Kiwi provides videos on different sections of the textbooks.
  4. Quiz: Simplified quizzes, to test their knowledge in each chapter. The app will keep track of users’ scores and provide feedback on what to improve.

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