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A music collaboration platform that provides quick and simple asynchronous ensemble gig experience for amateur musicians.

In the United States, there are over 45 million amateur musicians who can play at least one musical instrument. Many of them hope to collaborate with other amateur musicians with different musical instrument skills to have fun together, make friends, and gain a sense of achievement. However, the current musical ensemble process is very time-consuming for them. As a result, they feel lonely and frustrated playing their musical instrument alone at home.

Letsgig provides an online asynchronous musical ensemble experience for amateur musicians. By providing a curated ensemble score library and an integrated user-uploaded soundtrack video library, it frees amateur musicians from looking for partners and scores to immerse them in the musical ensemble experience. Users can easily try different ensemble combinations, play different ensemble roles, and try to collaborate with players with different instrument skills to get the perfect ensemble gig effect. They can also connect with their collaborators and share their gig videos with friends on social media. Letsgig makes the musical ensemble experience extremely simple and fascinating.