Lighted Hearts

Made by Sera Koo

Heart health can be simple to measure. Mostly, there are three ranges to understand: 40-60 BPM indicates good health, 60-100 BPM is considered normal, and above 100 BPM likely means an increased heart rate. Knowing your range can say a lot about where you stand health-wise, both now and with your long term health.

But health can often feel clinical. In fact, we think of ourselves as isolated beings, but we're actually largely influenced by those around us. What if we were to make it more of a social connection and experience?

Lighted Hearts is an ambient installation for collectively raising heart health awareness.

Designed with the High Line in mind, this installation serves to connect and engage people through their health.

Taking notes from fireflies and their lighted behavior, a small box senses and captures a heart beat, then releases it into the environment. A healthy heart rate is blue and soothing, attracting lighted beats nearby. An unhealthy heart rate is red, palpitating and repelling those around it.

Lighted Hearts

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