Combining human with algorithmic design for bespoke production

Made by Steve Faletti

New manufacturing technology is finally enabling "mass customization," which seeks to combine the speed and scope of mass production with the individuality and versatility of bespoke production. But how does design fit into this new age of automated and algorithmic form-making? How does a customer best convey her desires, needs, and tastes to a digital system that communicates in ones and zeros? 

Meygo aims to connect existing design practices to new manufacturing technologies by keeping human decisions at the core of the system. Leaving design intent in the hands of trained, talented designers, Meygo leverages the strengths of computing systems to augment and aid those designers through rapid and complex iteration. Customers engage with the system as people, not computer operators, and provide information about their tastes and identities that drive a design system structured by people and enabled by technology.

OPEN IxD 2014: Provoke, Steve Faletti

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