A mobile app to make planning between you and your friends simple

Made by Leroy Tellez

How can technology help us to preserve our close friendships? Our mobile devices know so much about our lives and the relationships we hold close; like when and what we do, and even how often we see each other. Yet with all this information, our devices don’t seem to be getting any smarter, especially when it comes to planning events with our friends. So how can technology learn from our routines, and adapt to our lives?

Moment is a mobile app that makes planning between you and your friends simple and collaborative by learning your patterns and behaviors like: the things you most frequently do, who you see most often, the types of places you visit, and the times you like to visit them. The more you use Moment, the more it learns about you providing a simple and quick way to stay close to the people who matter most to you.

14 The Graduate Show Leroy Tellez presents Moment

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