Muse is creating opportunities for music discovery in more memorable ways.

Made by Gokay Abaci



Today, we discover music differently than we used to in the past. We run into songs we might like on social media or find them in playlists created by music discovery algorithms. The technological advancements in this space have opened up opportunities for both listeners and music creators. However, it also took something from us. We now find it challenging to be mindful during the act of music discovery as algorithms feed us songs in premade playlists. It gets harder to remember when or where we discovered a song we liked, what we were doing, and who we were with at the moment. To retain the human aspect and recognize an opportunity to transform music discovery into a playful and more mindful activity in our daily lives, I developed Muse. A music discovery tool that gives you the chance to see what people around you are listening to at the moment and offers a way to recall snippets of the time and place you discovered a song you liked.