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A community platform where creators can connect and empower each other through shared practices and skills.

As solo workers, creators often face numerous challenges when pursuing their creative journeys. While they are eager to connect with fellow creators to share their experiences and struggles, it can be difficult to find like-minded individuals who have similar goals and values. Additionally, creative careers are often unique compared to more normal professions, making it challenging to access resources and strategies.

Muse is a community platform that connects creators and supports their artistic journeys. It provides sophisticated discoverability features that help creators find others based on their personality, goals, experience level, interests, and values. The platform also offers topic-specific discussion chats, allowing creators to find potential collaborators. It also provides spaces for sharing practices and resources through niche clubs and video collections, emphasizing accountability over the competition.

Through Muse, creators can feel confident about their journeys, easily find the needed resources, work collaboratively, and get inspired together.