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Nudge the Judge

A website that takes people on a reflective adventure to discover and befriend their inner critic through playful interactions.

People often spend hours worrying about how they’re not good enough to succeed. For most people, their self-critical voice goes overboard — shaming, nit-picking, and fault-finding. This negative self-talk affects their sense of worth and their ability to understand and manage their emotions objectively. Not just an internal obstacle, the inner critic negatively impacts work performance, collaboration, and quality of relationships.

Nudge the Judge is an educational and introspective experience that helps people recognize two key inner voices: the judging inner critic and the kind inner guide. Through a series of playful interactions, the experience encourages people to reflect on these different voices and discover deeper insights about themselves. With Nudge the Judge, people begin to build self-awareness and self-compassion as a path to work and live better with others.

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