NYC Dept of Veteran Services Brand & Outreach

Made by Kyungmin Lee Seungyoun Sara Lim Shane Strassberg Song Lee

For our Public Interfaces class we partnered with the newly created NYC Dept. of Veteran Services to help them establish their brand presence and to support their mission to help veterans young and old get the benefits they earned and deserved. We conducted qualitative research along with existing research to better understand veteran needs to emphasize that any design solution must account for different types of veterans who need and want different kinds of assistance. We created a public ad campaign that highlights how DVS will make it easier for veterans to receive the benefits they rightfully earned. We also redesigned their website around different veteran needs to streamline the process of veterans finding the information they want––fast. Lastly, we urged that they begin a public outreach program to humanize their image among veterans while increasing the success of their mission by going straight to their audience.

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