Paint Your City

Made by Carrie Stiens Kristin Breivik

Many people either fall into biking or start riding because their friends are doing it. The Paint Your City Office Challenge is a two-week event that embraces social pressure to encourage biking for transportation. Designed to be packaged and shipped to offices, the game helps workplaces nurture biking as part of their culture through competition, collaboration and by facilitating water-cooler conversations. The bikers get their well-deserved stardom on the game poster which is also a hub for making phone calls to cheer for the riders.

This is no ordinary challenge. Bikers can get ahead in the game not only by biking, but also by exploring new parts of their city, recommending interesting places to fellow co-workers, and recruiting friends to bike. At any moment non-riders may get on a bike and start racking up miles for their colleagues.

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