Participative Selling System in Bookstores

Made by Shanshan Gao

It's no surprise why physical bookstores are struggling to survive these days with the rise of big online booksellers like Amazon. Bookstores are at a disadvantage due to having to pay rent, utility, employment  and other costs of being a physical bookstore. The lack of active participation, adaptive process, and local literary culture in bookstores, today lead to readers losing interest.

It has now become necessary to explore other way of making the bookstore a part of the community in a way that it provides more value than just selling books. This would be done through creating innovative services and relationships with readers by leveraging the physical environment of bookstore. Services that succeed in changing the perception of the bookstore from being a shop to the "third place"  after home and work.  Making it a public venue for civil debate, community engagement, pairing up people with similar interests, and even the experts with the novices. This model, consists of a  first-order conversation system. It illustrates the current functioning of a physical bookstore.

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