Made by Amy Wu Trent Thompson George Chichlow


Is there a way to motivate oneself through the age old tool of a writing utensil? PenPal is a pen that connects you to those in your social group through the subtlety of light. When you start using your PenPal, all pens within the group show that you have started working by a soft glowing light from the pen.

PenPal is connected to the owner’s smartphone via an app. This is where one can create, join, or invite people into your group from anywhere. It lets you know exactly who is in the group and if they are using their PenPal at the moment. Depending on the number of people in the group and who enters or leaves, the PenPal changes its color states. The changing of color indicate someone in your network is working, in hopes of motivating others within the group to begin as well.


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