Made by Kinza Kasher Rachel Balma

Sitting in a ride-share vehicle, we saw multiple people tap their fingers differently to the same song on the radio; the driver had a heavy bass with his thumb, the girl to his right had a steady strum from index to pinky finger. Sitting there, we realized that while we cannot all play instruments or dance gracefully, the audial and physical enjoyment of music is nearly universal and finger-tapping is unique, intuitive way of doing this in which almost everyone can participate.

We wondered, what would it look like if we could see a visualization of these taps happening in real time? What if we could record this tapping throughout a song and see an image at the end? How do different people feel the same music in their bodies, and what does that look like?

From these questions, Personos was born. It provides a way to visualize personal interpretations of sound by recording how we tap our fingers to music. This subtle, intuitive action that is often only experienced in-the-moment can now also be shared and recorded. Personos allows the user to create and save personal works of art, experience, appreciate or share music alone or with others in a novel, game-like way.

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