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A time management tool that helps productivity enthusiasts optimize the day and achieve more in life.

We’re living in an unusual time as the COVID 19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our life. We all deal with the crisis differently. And one way I noticed is that we are trying to make the best of this time to get through it. To use this time to achieve things we didn’t have time for and be productive because it makes us feel worthwhile and valuable as people.

However, all the ideal plans of achieving more get old fast. As the anxiety of isolation sets in, you start to lose momentum and become less productive. Although slowing down sometimes is absolutely ok, you will eventually feel bad and frustrated for not achieving your goals.

Thus, how do you boost your productivity and get more things done to fulfill your goals?

Introducing PLANDO, a time management tool based on the well-known concept of Timeboxing, is designed to help productivity enthusiasts plan routines, focus on tasks, and reflect the day to improve their productivity and achieve more in life.