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projectWATT is a user-generated publication that challenges the current state of online discourse with real, diverse and nuanced perspectives.

The Internet has completely changed how we consume information. The people behind social media may have no vested interest in keeping you informed, and, to a large extent, traditional media can be forced to value clicks, ratings, and ad revenue over content. Even earnest journalists at esteemed outlets are now fighting an uphill battle ensuring their work remains a priority over engagement metrics. In the last few years, we have started to notice the effects of these toxic incentives — “fake” news, echo chambers, and hyper-partisanship are all a result of this media landscape.

projectWATT (What Are They Thinking?) is an experimental publication that publishes nuanced perspectives on a wide variety of issues. It offers a collection of brief articles written from real viewpoints that include a discussion of writers’ perspective with the public.

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