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An AI-SaaS platform for building an agile supply chain through visibility, intelligence and multi-enterprise orchestration.
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“Almost 80 percent of [surveyed supply-chain executives] said they need to improve and invest in digital planning to increase supply-chain visibility.”

– Knut Alicke, McKinsey & Company Insights.

Supply-chain disruptions cost the average organization 45 percent of one year’s profits over a decade. The recent unpredictabilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to soaring demand for agility and visibility to achieve operational excellence. Modern technologies like OMS, TMS, RMS, and ERP often operate in silos while focusing on discrete areas of the supply chain process. These existing systems have deprived executives of the big picture and their ability to see this process as a whole.

Proteus is an AI-SaaS platform for multi-enterprise supply chain networks* that enables visibility and actionable insights to help you spot issues/alerts at a bird’s eye level. Deep dive into resolving these critical problems on a real-time basis with our intelligent, collaborative workflow. Executives can take a step further to deliver the ultimate value chain by minimizing the carbon footprint through our KPI scorecards and supplier(s)/service diversification.

*Source – Gartner, MESCBN marketplace study 2021*