A digital book platform

Made by Trent Thompson

Books are the foundation of modern technology that help us easily move our ideas and stories throughout the world. Currently, digital book readers and platforms have focused on two aspects: buying books and reading books. However, books can do so much more.

PULP is a platform that embraces how we actually engage with our books and makes it incredibly simple. Within the platform, anyone can easily access a section with just a tap and share or read any type of book in the library. Creating a book is just as easy; simply import any type of content and publish. Books also enact discussion, and in PULP, conversations flow throughout. You can add comments inside a friend’s book or draft, join and chat within a book club, and message your friends.

PULP isn’t just a place to read. It is the opportunity to be inspired with others from the books we love.

17 The Graduate Show Trent Thompson presents Pulp

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