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An accessibility tool that helps people with dyslexia and other cognitive disabilities consume information easier, using audio and visual representations

One in five people live with dyslexia, and many of them as students are left to struggle alone. 84% of them also have difficulty with working memory. This can affect the way they process, learn, and retain information that they read or hear. People with dyslexia also have difficulty focusing, they may get cognitive overload, and drift off mid-sentence while reading.

For neurodiverse learners that want an easier way to consume information, ReadEase is an accessibility tool using audio, visuals, and hyperlinks to help them remember key points and the context of a paragraph.

Users have the ability to convert various forms of text, ranging from PDFs and article links to photos of textbooks, into four primary formats. These formats consist of listening to an audio-only format; listening with accompanying autogenerated supporting images; a screen tint format that facilitates natural and focused reading; and lastly, a summary format with additional audio, keywords, and bullet points for different stages of learning.