Discover participatory sports in your community

Made by Cooper Smith

For the past decade, we've seen the majority of our communication channels and social interactions migrate to the digital world. And while this shift has been instrumental in reconnecting us with friends and family across distant geographies, its often at the expense of face-to-face contact with our neighbors.

These tools for social networking can also be incredibly powerful in getting us offline and back into our communities. Recently, a new form of offline social networks have emerged to bring us together around common hobbies, the desire to share new skills, or even to simply to borrow a ladder from our neighbor. What's missing, however, is a means to go play.

Recess is a social platform to organize and discover participatory sports and fitness activities in your local community. Recess connects people around the sports that they love to play, and makes it easy to do so. Players can join their friends after work for a soccer game, discover weekend kickball games in the local park, or organize morning runs with their neighbors.

Let's go play.

IN/VISION 2012: Cooper Smith, "Recess"

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