A mobile application with a printing service that helps you remember and share your moments

Made by Jung-Joon Lee

We all want to keep our amusing memories and mostly take photos when we want to mark a salient experience at a particular time and space. You may have a large number of photos on your phone.

But, how many physical photos do you have? We are living in a digital era and we usually consume our content in digital form. It allows us to access content fast and get rid of spatial constraints. However, tangibility is also very important. When we touch and feel something, it becomes more meaningful and helps us be connected to it.

REMEMvER will help you create one card per day with only one picture, one comment and one feeling. You can see your activities distilled to their essence, and you can print out your cards to have a tangible artifact. If you request the printing service, we will print out your selected cards and mail them to you in a tasteful package.

This service offers a much more memorable way to share your memories with other people as well as collect memories. It also combines our need for convenience from digital technology and physical connection.

18 Rememver - Jung-Joon Lee

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