A platform that helps older populations move into new post-retirement paths.

Made by Cheonhyun Park



What do you think about retirement? People typically think it consists of wrapping up their careers, spending the rest of their lives with their family, doing nothing, and resting. However, data shows that retirement in the future might not be what people imagine. The number of people in their 60s filing for bankruptcy in 1992 was 2.1%, and now it has increased to 12.2%. The social safety net that supports retirees is weakening, the birth rate is going down, and by 2050 the global population of people over 65 will be more than double what it is now. What does this phenomenon indicate? It shows that even though people retire around 65, they will most likely be working for continued income, overcoming loneliness, and staying productive in their communities. Unfortunately, there are not many services to support older people and guide them through this path after they finish their career.

Resilient. is a collaborative platform that helps seniors find a new way after retirement, and guides them on their journey for a second career by self-diagnosis, and offers coaches at their disposal and location-based community building.

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