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Ah, the life of the traveling musician: new cities, new friends, new fans, the rush of the live show… the long hours driving, juggling venues, gear and gas money. Let’s face it: it’s not all glamour and groupies. Roadie is a service that helps you painlessly organize and manage your band and your tours, while also connecting you with the people who really matter: your fans, who are there to help you out. Use Roadie to plan your route, get your venue information, find food and fun in the neighborhoods you play in, and get in touch with friends to ask for a place to crash or to borrow gear. Tap into the the power of your fans to help you out with smaller stuff: printing your set lists, photographing your shows, putting up posters—anything you think they might be able to help you out with—then reward them with merchandise, passes, or Roadie Points.