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A convenient and educational tool that helps sustainability enthusiasts discard their food waste responsibly.

Every year the world generates approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste — the equivalent of having 37 million cars on the road. And whether you’re vegetarian, paleo, or vegan, the truth is that most of our food is sent to landfills, where it gradually breaks down to produce methane, a gas at least 25 times more planet-warming than CO2. Although the causes of why we waste our food may vary, most consumers struggle with bulk purchasing, poor planning, busy lifestyles, and the misconception that food scraps and vegetable cores have no value.

SCRAPSY is a platform that removes those barriers and provides conscious consumers with composting services eager to pick up their food waste! By diverting food waste from the trash, customers will not only reduce their carbon footprint and enrich soils, but they will be able to sign up to receive farm-fresh produce thanks to the partnerships our composting services have with local farms. Customers will also benefit from our tips and recipes that will teach them how to best take advantage of their fresh produce in and out of the kitchen.

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