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Scrit Scrit


In today’s tech-saturated culture, we almost never need to write by hand. We have a thousand ways to capture words: to-do apps, word processors, text messages, emails—the list goes on.

What do we lose when we type? What do typed words fail to communicate?

Scrit Scrit is a social network that celebrates the things people make and express with handwritten words and doodles. It revels in imperfection, imprecision, and authenticity. Scrits live in your margins, on the backs on napkins, and inside your notebooks. Using our ubiquitous iPhones to capture what we write, we can share ideas and small bursts of creativity that, so far, haven’t had a place of their own on the Internet.

By combining the advantages of social networks with the analog advantages of pens and paper, Scrit Scrit enables a whole new group of people to join the class of Makers.