Raising Awareness About Labor Conditions in the Garment Industry

Made by Somin Heo

SEETHRU is an in-store interactive mirror that reveals ethical information about labor conditions in the garment industry. It educates customers and helps them make more responsible choices while they shop. 

There are secrets behind the making of our clothes. Safety regulations for laborers are often neglected. They are forced to work long hours and earn less than minimum wage. Many socially conscious consumers are looking for a way to access information, but it’s hard to find while they shop.

Currently, ethical consumers access this information using text-heavy online services, which can be confusing and time-consuming. On top of that, when consumers actually approach stores, that information is easily forgettable. These difficulties discourage consumers from caring about labor conditions.

With SeeThru, consumers don’t need to go online to do research. In the store, consumers pick the clothes they like and check themselves out as they normally do with the mirror. SeeThru’s built-in scanner allows consumers to scan the barcode and intantly access information about labor conditions.


It’s difficult to compare the ethical information about labor conditions just by looking at similar clothes. For those consumers who want to know the difference and make ethical choices, SeeThru allows them to scan more to compare clothes. SeeThru’s visual consistency makes comparing clothes easy, to make responsible choices.

Information Design

Once consumers scan the barcode, SeeThru reveals information about clothes, including brand name and price as well as the overall grade of labor conditions. The grade is averaged from reports by three laborers who made the clothes in each production stage. Consumers can learn about how laborers meet the labor standards through an easy letter grading system. Each laborer’s grade is measured by vetted organizations. To get more details, customers simply tap on each laborer.

Gesture Recognition

SeeThru’s motion sensor allows consumers to use hand gesture and navigate through information.

  • Swipe to the left: Consumers can hide the information and reveal the mirror mode.
  • Swipe to the right: Consumers can bring the information back.
  • Swipe to the top: Consumers can delete the information.

Next Steps

SeeThru’s built-in camera recognizes customers’ eye level and reveals the information around it. This will allow various customers to comfortably access information.

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