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Showcased has one mission; helping aspiring musicians perform. It is an online ecosystem that allows musicians to connect with each other and brand sponsorship and venues to create their own music festivals.

The goal of Showcased is to help aspiring musicians by disrupting the current system of booking gigs to create a new format for live event creation. Fledgling musicians are eager to perform live, but often encounter many barriers as they attempt to book gigs. Showcased breaks down these barriers and puts the power to perform in the hands of the artist.

The Showcased online platform allows musicians to curate their own showcases or music festivals by aligning them with bands who share their fan base, local brand sponsorship, and access to venues—all contained within a streamlined, user-friendly application. Unlike traditional methods of booking shows where the supply chain is controlled by venues, requests are ignored, pay is low, and bands aren’t connected, Showcased is community-driven, curated, and social.