Simple Machines for the Digital Age

Made by Nikki Sylianteng

Technology helps us speed through life and makes everything easier. The idea is that it lets us bypass the fuss and get straight to the things we enjoy. What I have found is that the lack of friction lets us bypass not just the fuss but the joy of the whole experience entirely. Perhaps gently and intentionally introducing some speed bumps into daily life will bring back the balance we need.

Simple Machines for the Digital Age is a collection of domestic contraptions that magnifies the subtle but very real side-effects of current technology in our everyday lives. Each contraption is designed to be both functional, engaging us more richly in the moment, and symbolic, prompting reflection and awareness. They sit alongside our other noisier devices and provide balance to the hyperactivity that has found its way into our domestic spaces.

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The Graduate Show 2013 - Nikki Sylianteng, "Simple Machines for the Digital Age"

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Slow Messaging System (SMS)

Wall Flower

Dome of Silence

The machines built

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