Slow Down
An (anti) social media digest for the digitally stressed

Made by Brynn Shepherd

These days, there is always more to read, or watch, or like, or share, or retweet or bookmark on the web. The infinitely scrolling stream rushes by us at an increasingly rapid pace, and it has become harder and harder for us to stay afloat. Slow Down provides a bit of digital stress relief amid the chaos of our hyper-connected, information-overloaded lives. It questions our existing, often unhealthy relationship with social media and digital content, and asks, how might we make all of this stuff a little more meaningful and a little less stressful?

Slow Down serves two distinct purposes. It's a useful tool for managing your social media feeds. It reduces both the volume and velocity of the stream, by constraining the amount of content you receive and delivering it at a predictable time to your email inbox. It also experiments with the nature of social media and the ways in which we consume it. The digests use familiar content as source material and transform it in unexpected, often delightful ways.

Process Book

OPEN IxD 2014: Engage, Brynn Shepherd

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