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Solo Sisters

A community-generated travel toolkit that connects women with an international Sisterhood of solo female travelers.

Solo female travel is celebrated as an experience of self-discovery, independence, and self-empowerment – but it remains an endeavor not all women feel comfortable taking. Be it concerns of safety, social isolation, or lack of confidence in navigating uncertainty, women want to travel the world but are less likely to do so alone.

A community-generated travel toolkit and connection app, Solo Sisters is on a mission to change that. The platform is an international Sisterhood of solo female travelers, whether they’re out exploring the world or back at home. Born from the need to initiate an intentional connection, it provides a safe space for women to bond over shared trip interests, personality traits, and bucket list goals.

Solo Sisters is centered on intersectional feminism, made for anyone who identifies as a woman, and provides the resources and knowledge to navigate the nuances of adventuring on your own.