Made by Johnson Vinothkumar



Helps you discover the best photo spots, no matter where you are.

What is the one thing everyone does while traveling? Whether it’s on an iPhone, DSLR, or GoPro, everyone takes photos. But unfortunately, we also tend to take photos of the exact same places, sometimes even the same angle and pose. What if we could explore and capture our experiences in new cities as if we were a local?

That’s where Spotkey comes in! Spotkey is a guide to the best photo spots in cities worldwide, curated by an active community of photographers who know their cities best. This inspires travelers to find new places and capture something new on their trip, using:

🔔 Notifications about nearby photo spots hidden in plain sight.

🧭 360 visual positioning — shows different angles of the same building to help you pick unusual points.

💡 Local tips — such as what times of day to be able to capture the most luminous light.

🗂 Curated collection — ideas to kick you out of your rut and inspire you to see things with a fresh perspective.