Starbucks Coffee Breaks

Made by Shelly X Ni Pamela Jue Meghana Khandekar Beth Wernet

A solution for Starbucks to get more traffic into their stores, Starbucks Coffee Breaks centers around the idea that the act of getting coffee is often a communal one. People use "coffee runs" as a reason to stand up and stretch, to gossip, to meet with friends. By talking with Starbucks customers about why they first entered a Starbucks store, we found that often, a friend or loved one had brought them there.

Leveraging that power, and Starbuck's stated mission of becoming a "Third Space" between home and work, we envision a tool that incentivizes and facilitates groups of people to meet at Starbucks together. By leveraging location-based technology and mobile payments, users can easily make plans with each other, and group themselves via an app to recieve incentives for bringing in more friends, using technology to augment and enhance interactions that feel very natural.

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Sample user scenario 

Early brainstorming and audience segmentation